How to Put Your Business Back on Track

Posted by Webmaster - November 25, 2012 - How To Tips - No Comments

It can be easy to lose your way as an online business owner. In fact, many entrepreneurs have a bit of ADD when it comes to business. They have so many ideas they don’t know which direction to turn in. The result is a number of half-attempts to grow a successful business. What may have started out as a focused idea can easily get off track.

If this sounds familiar, then this upcoming year is your year to get back on track. Here’s how:

#1 Your Business Plan

You have a business plan, right? Assuming you started your business with a plan, even an informal handwritten one, grab it and give it a good read through. Look for things like your:

* Vision statement
* Mission statement
* Goals

What was your business originally designed to do? Who was your audience and what problem were you solving for them?

#2 Assess Your Current Business

Now grab a notebook or voice recorder and start assessing the state of your current business. Do you still have the same mission? Do your vision and company values remain the same? Have you achieved your original goals? Do your existing goals support the same mission and vision?

What about your audience? Have they changed? Have their problems changed? What about your solution – is it still relevant?

#3 Refocus

The next step is to refocus your business. Now, depending on your assessment this refocusing may take a few different forms. For example, if your audience has changed then you will likely need to perform some market research to determine if your products or services are still relevant. If not, what new products and services would be relevant?

Additionally, if your vision and mission have gone off track, why? What caused that to happen? And do you want to get back to your original vision, or have you changed enough that it’s time to craft a new vision and mission for your business?

This process will likely take more than a day to complete. Give yourself a handful of days to complete the business plan review and assessment. Refocusing your business may take a few hours or it can take a few months, depending on the degree of change necessary to move your business back in line with your goals and aspirations.

As you’re working toward refocusing your business and getting back on track, remember that large goals are accomplished by taking small and manageable steps. Do create goals that get you back in line with the business that originally motivated and inspired you.

However, make sure that you are able to manage those goals without once again feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelm leads people to take shortcuts and to look for easy solutions to big problems. Yet when your goals are manageable you’ll be able to see consistent growth and change. You create a pattern of success and it’s much easier to stay aligned with your business goals and your passions.