How to Properly Deal with Customers’ Complaints

Posted by Webmaster - March 25, 2012 - How To Tips - No Comments

There is no business on earth that is immune from customer complaints. Even if your business is set up perfectly and you offer fantastic products or services, youíll experience customer complaints. Itís part of doing business. And dealing with these complaints is also part of doing business. Itíd be lovely to ignore them and to pretend they donít exist. However, ignoring them doesnít solve the problem.

The High Cost of Customer Complaints

Not managing a customerís complaint properly can have an almost immediate and lasting impact on your business. In the age of Twitter and Facebook, one disgruntled customer can ruin your reputation faster than you can say ďretweet.Ē

So the very first step to properly dealing with customer complaints is to have a system in place that ensures a prompt response. The faster you begin to address a complaint, the better.

Non-Emotional Reaction

Responding quickly to a customer complaint has its risks too. If youíre the person handling the customer complaints it is easy to respond emotionally. Thatís usually a mistake. Itís much more effective to respond to a customer complaint without emotions. If you feel defensive or reactive to their complaint, then take a breather. There are two simple ways to remove your emotions from the equation.

1. Hire someone to manage your customer complaints. A virtual assistant who is experienced at fielding customer complaints and communications effectively is a great idea. It leaves you time to focus on growing your business.

2. Create templates. Create a customer response complaint template. When you need to respond to an issue you can simply cut and paste your response into the body of your email. It may need some tweaking to address the customerís specific comments; however, it makes responding easier.

The Customer Isnít Always Right But They Shouldnít Be Made to Feel Like Theyíre Wrong

The old adage that the customer is always right is hogwash. Theyíre not always right and they know it. Yet in order to effectively deal with customer complaints you want your customerís concerns and issues to feel respected and heard. Apologizing for their troubles is usually a good first step. It paves the way for open communication and problem solving.

Transparent and Easily Accessible Policies and Procedures

One sure-fire way to help you deal with customer complaints is to make sure your policies and procedures are easily accessible and transparent. Make sure your customers understand what theyíre signing up for, what their rights are, and how you do business. When they are informed, every step of the way through their purchasing process, it makes life easier for both of you.

Properly dealing with customer complaints is a part of doing business. Itís also a process. As your business grows and changes, itís important to stay on top of your customer service as well. Make sure your policies and procedures grow and change as needed.