How to Learn from Your Unsubscribes

Posted by Webmaster - September 16, 2013 - How To Tips - No Comments

Are you disheartened every time you get an email unsubscribe? Itís easy to take them personally. However, these unsubscribes are actually small blessings in disguise. Not only does it mean that youíre no longer marketing to someone who isnít interested, you can actually learn more about your audience from your unsubscribes.

Opt-Out Comments

The first and easiest way to glean information from an unsubscribe is to ask for comments and feedback when someone opts out. Many autoresponder and newsletter service providers offer this function in their forms.

If you have a comment field in your opt-out process then be sure to read the comments as people unsubscribe. In many cases youíll see comments like, ďI just donít have time to read newsletters,