How to Follow Through On Your Big Ideas

Posted by Webmaster - January 16, 2014 - How To Tips - No Comments

Whatís happened to all of your great ideas? Have you followed through on all of them or have some fallen through the cracks? If youíre like many business owners itís easy to let your big ideas fall to the wayside. Unfortunately, thereís never a simple fix to this issue because there are many reasons why we donít follow through. That being said, once youíve identified the reasons you can then take steps to consistently follow through on your big ideas.

Why Arenít You Following Through?

As previously mentioned there are many reasons why you may not be following through on you big ideas. The first step is to ask yourself why youíre not. Here are some of the most common reasons:

* Youíre too busy

* You have no idea how to make it happen

* Your idea is too big, to abstract

* You have other priorities

* Thereís no deadline or sense of urgency

* You donít have support

* There are too many obstacles

* Youíre afraid or doubt your ability to see it through

Chances are your reason falls into one of the above categories. It may not be exactly as written but one or more of the reasons resonates with you. Once youíve identified your reason, the next step is to turn it around and make your idea or dream a reality.

Scrutinizing and Assessing

Many of the reasons listed all have one thing in common, theyíre all a failure to set a reasonable goal. For example, the idea is too big just means that you havenít turned your dream into a goal. If your big idea is to publish a book for your business that alone isnít a tangible goal. However, to publish a book by June 30th is a goal. It then gives you the power to break it down into smaller more manageable steps.

Scrutinize your dream or big idea and assess what you can do to make it happen. DO you need to break it down into steps? DO you need to hire someone to help you with some or all of the goal? Do you need to offload other tasks so that you can make your idea a priority?

Making it Happen

Following through on your big ideas is more about making daily action a habit. Once youíve scrutinized and assessed your idea and discovered how to make it more manageable, you can then create an action plan. Decide what youíre going to do every day to help you achieve your goal. Small steps lead to big results. Your daily action doesnít need to be huge, it just needs to happen.