How to Encourage and Coach Yourself

Posted by Webmaster - December 15, 2014 - How To Tips - No Comments

Working on your own is a great way to gain freedom and flexibility, but finding self-motivation can be one of the biggest road blocks. The key to succeeding as your own boss is that you have to act like a boss. You boss is someone who gets you on the right track and keeps you going. Here are a few tips on how to be your own motivator.

Make goals. Itís pretty hard to stay focused on work if all it is to you is work. To keep yourself motivated you have to have something to work towards. If youíre starting to get yourself motivated, the first thing you need to do is set goals. It might be a business goal, a financial goal, or something youíll be able to do once you get your business going (like sending your kids to college). If youíve been going for a while, remind yourself of what you started working for. And donít forget to write down your goals so you have them right there with you.

Donít forget. Once you set your goals, be sure to find a way to keep them in your mind. Keep a written statement of your goals somewhere you can see them often, or post pictures on the walls of your office of your family or things you want to do when you make the money. Anything that will remind you of what youíre working for will help.

Get help. If just having goals isnít enough to keep you on track, why not try going to a professional. You donít have to spend all the money to hire a life coach. There are plenty of courses and systems available with methods to help keep you on track. The key is finding the right one. Why not find successful people you know and ask them to point you in the right direction.

Think positive. While positive thinking is a hard skill to master, itís one of the most beneficial things youíll ever learn. It can not only help you achieve your goals, youíll probably find yourself happier and more satisfied in your personal life as well. You can try things like positive affirmations or even meditation.

Stay healthy. A healthy mind is fueled by a healthy body. You donít have to be a pro athlete, but if you eat a sensible diet and get regular exercise, youíll probably find yourself feeling better and working better too.

Take breaks. If you feel like you canít concentrate, take a break and get yourself back in focus. The same thing applies long term. If youíre feeling burnt out and just canít get yourself going, why not take a few days off. You can go on a vacation, or just take a stay-cation and rediscover whatís in your own back yard. Once you go back, youíll feel re-energized and ready to take on any challenge.