How to Declutter Your Marketing

Posted by Webmaster - September 4, 2013 - How To Tips - No Comments

How many marketing tactics do you have going on right now? What are the goals of each of those tactics and are they working? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, and many people don’t, it’s time to declutter your marketing and get organized.

As is often the case, people sort of ease into owning an online business. Maybe they do it part time or maybe they were at home and thought they’d give this online thing a shot. Even entrepreneurs who started their business with a plan can find themselves marketing in a scattershot manner. You try one marketing tactic, like Facebook, then you advertise, then you send out an email to your list. None of it is organized, integrated, or on any type of plan. It’s time to streamline.

Identify Your Tactics

Make a list of all of the marketing tactics you have implemented or tried in the past year. For example, maybe you send out weekly emails and your email marketing is on track but you’ve only tweeted twice in the past three months despite your amazing Twitter Profile page. Make notes next to each tactic. Identify:

* Your goals for that tactic – what is it supposed to do? For example, Facebook posts may be designed to drive traffic to your free download.

* The last time you used the tactic. For example, when was the last time you posted on your Facebook page?

* Your analytics. How effective are your efforts? Do you know the results?

* Integration. How is the marketing tactic integrated with other tactics? For example, do you have a “share on Facebook