How to Decide What to Blog About

Posted by Webmaster - July 16, 2013 - How To Tips - No Comments

How do you decide what to blog about? For many business owners, and perhaps for you, you choose your topic about five minutes before youíre supposed to publish the post. This is a high stress way to blog and itís probably not doing your business, or your readers, justice.

The Perks of Planning

One of the benefits of planning ahead is that you donít have to create a last minute blog idea. Instead, you can create a monthís worth of blog ideas and strategically tie them into launches, promotions, and generate new income. Consider sitting down and planning out a monthís worth of blog topics. Perhaps that sounds challenging. So letís take a look at some ways to help you decide what to blog about.

#1 Consider a Series

A series of blog posts under the same general topic accomplishes several things. The first is that it makes it easy for you to decide what to blog about. If you have a 10 part series or a 20 part series then you instantly have the next 10-20 topics. Additionally, when you create a blog series youíll pull readers to your blog to read day after day.

#2 Add Structure

Another way to make it easier to decide what to blog about is to create a bit of structure to your blog. For example, on Mondays you might post a ďhow to