How to Create More Interesting and Valuable Content Ideas

Posted by Webmaster - January 13, 2014 - How To Tips - No Comments

Your content strategy has many goals. You need to drive traffic, build awareness, boost authority and on and on. In order to accomplish any of those goals your content needs to be value driven and fresh. However, it can be difficult to consistently create valuable and interesting content ideas. The following tips will help you move forward.

1. Embrace Controversy

You donít have to be a controversial person or brand to embrace the power of controversy. Identify controversial and timely news topics and help provide insight and information. The truth is that many marketers avoid controversial topics. By embracing them and tackling them head on, youíre not only positioning yourself as someone thatís unafraid to face controversy, but also as a business thatís on the cutting edge and confident in your voice. Youíll also spark many discussions and gain much more attention for your content than your competition.

2. Talk About the Skeletons

Every industry has a few skeletons in the closet. Weíre talking about the questions no one asks and the secrets that everyone knows but no one talks about. Instead of avoiding these topics, take them on. Youíll open up an abundance of content opportunities. Youíll also help many people work through problems. Generally, when there are forbidden topics there are many people who need help. Keep in mind that you donít have to tackle these topics head on, you can take a humorous angle or share a personal story to give them a unique appeal.

3. Can It Be Simpler?

In many cases content pieces tackle bigger ideas. As youíre outlining your content or brainstorming ideas, consider how simple you might make the material. For example, an article on three tips to wake up happier might instead become three different articles. Each one of the tips could be enhanced to create an entire article. As youíre seeking interesting and valuable content ideas, use your own content outlines and topic research as the foundation. Youíll be able to produce more content and each piece will provide the value and interest your audience seeks.

The next time you sit down to brainstorm, research, and plan your content keep these tips in mind. Research the current controversial topics for your niche. Take a look at the questions people just donít answer or donít want to talk about. Finally, remember that each topic idea that you imagine, usually has the potential to provide several different pieces of content. Break it down to the simplest level.