How to Brainstorm Vine Video Ideas

Posted by Webmaster - November 4, 2013 - How To Tips - No Comments

Video is a strong content form. It’s easily shared, viewed, and prospects connect to it. Short videos tend to work better than longer ones because they’re easier to view. People tend to have limited attention spans and an unwillingness to spend more than a few minutes to watch a video.

Introduce the Vine video which takes short form video to a new level – a six second level. Vine videos are easily shared and are growing in popularity. The trick is to come up with a creative and compelling idea that your prospects finds compelling.

Embrace Your Customers

There are many ways you can use your customers or focus on them to create a Vine video. Here are just a few ideas, listen to your customers for ideas as well. They’re full of information.

1. Show your customer using your product.

2. Highlight a success study.

3. Show your customer making a common mistake.

4. Show your client sharing a testimonial or a favorite benefit from your products or services.

5. Include a mini-interview with a client.

Embrace Transparency

A Vine video presents you with the opportunity to show your prospects and customers what goes on within your business. For example,

1. Share mini bios for you and your team.

2. Share your mistakes.

3. Share behind the scenes bloopers.

4. Share a sneak peek of a new product or service.

5. Share a glimpse into what goes into your workday.

Other ideas that can help you get started brainstorming Vine videos for your business include:

1. DIY tutorials – show your prospects what they can do for themselves.

2. Conduct a how to video – how to use your products or how to manage a task.

3. Give a tip or a bit of advice or insight.

4. Answer frequently asked questions.

5. Promote events or product or service promotions.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun with your Vine videos. Invite your customers and prospects to contribute their own Vine videos and hold a contest. Create a theme for the contest or establish a challenge. Tell a joke, share a funny story, or create a visual anecdote.

Brainstorm ideas but don’t overthink it. Vine videos are forgiving. You have six seconds to say it and then the video loops. You’ll know when you have a successful video by the response to it and the traffic it generates. Have fun. Embrace Vine as a new way to market your business.