How to Blog on the Go

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Entrepreneurs and online marketers are busy people. Yet blogging needs to be accomplished. Fortunately, with todayís technology you can blog while youíre out and about. You can even blog from the beach.

Choose Your Blog Format

For each blog format there are a variety of applications and tools you can use. For example, do you blog with WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr? If youíre unsure or you blog through a different medium, check with your website host or web developer. The most popular blog format is WordPress.

Identify Your Device

How are you most likely to blog while youíre out and about? For example, do you have a notepad you carry with you or are you an iPhone owner? The first two most important considerations are how youíre going to integrate your blog technology with your mobile device technology. Once you have those two pieces of information, you can then begin the search for the most appropriate and user friendly application.

WordPress on the Go

One of the most useful blog formats is WordPress and thatís because of the volume of developers working on applications, plug-ins, and widgets. This includes the mobile WordPress application that is presently available for a number of mobile devices including:

* WordPress for iOS (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch)

* WordPress for BlackBerry

* WordPress for Android

* WordPress for Windows Phone 7

* WordPress for Nokia

* WordPress for webOS

The application is free and downloads in mere seconds.

Blogger on the Go

Google, who owns Blogger, also offers a free application so you can blog from your notepad, notebook, or smartphone. The application isnít as user friendly or intuitive as the WordPress application but it is still quite easy to use, particularly for short posts. Additionally, you can send texts to BLOGGR (256447) or photos to from your mobile device and they’re automatically posted to your blog.

Setting it Up

With both applications the first step, once the application has been installed on your device is to add your blog or blogs to the system. The applications will then sync with your existing blog and you can now edit posts, respond to comments, and begin writing new posts. You can add images, format your posts, assign categories and schedule posts all from your device. It really is that easy to accomplish.

Next Steps

Once your technology is ready to go the next step is to create systems to support you. As you may well know, just because you can do something doesnít mean you will. Decide what you need to do to effectively blog while youíre out. Do you need a speech to text conversion tool like Dragon? Do you need a Bluetooth keyboard? Or do you simply need a few quiet minutes each morning to pull your thoughts together? One of the benefits of owning your own business is making your own hours and setting your own rules. Technology is here to support you. You can blog from anywhere.