Donít Be Resistant To Change Ė Try New Things

Posted by Webmaster - March 17, 2014 - How To Tips - No Comments

In life, there is one constant: change. Around us the world is constantly changing. Everything is in a constant state of flux: fashion, architecture, technology, and most of all – business. While some people have been successful by sticking with the same old thing, itís a pretty short list.

If you look at yourself and what you know and do, and compare it to all the knowledge and opportunity available in the world, itís probably a pretty small chunk. There are so many new avenues in business that are open to you; you just have to be open to them as well. While most people resist change, you may find that a lot of these avenues will not only make you more successful, you may just like them more than what you do now.

Willingness to change makes you a better investment to customers and clients. If they only see you as a one-trick pony, they may come to you for that one thing, but thatís about it. But if people see you as adaptable, theyíll have more faith in your ability to keep up with the changing world and be more likely to take a chance on you, or come to you with new business opportunities that might be something you haven’t tried before.

In todayís business market, technology is one of the best resources you can have. And the technology available is changing at a remarkable rate. It used to be that if you were out your business for ten or twenty years, youíd get behind and probably couldnít go back without learning a lot of new stuff. Now, if youíre gone for just six months, you could be totally out of date. While you donít need to get the latest or most expensive gadget, you do need to make regular changes and upgrades to the equipment youíre using.

Some of us are just more resistant to change than others; itís just engrained in our DNA. But just because you donít like change doesnít mean you need to be left behind. Small changes can make big differences too.

Instead of turning your life upside down, just start by looking in different directions. Attend a seminar about new ideas or technologies, subscribe to a new newsletter that you didnít before. By themselves, these are pretty small changes, but when you do them, you might find options of bigger changes that wonít be too hard either.

Donít change too much. Warren Buffet is one of the worldís richest men. He got there by being fairly resistant to technological change. He invests mostly in stable businesses like insurance and food, rather than more unstable things like dot-coms. The reason? Just because something is new, doesnít mean itís good.

Itís always a good idea to research anything before getting involved with it, and to never put all your eggs in one basket – no matter how big an opportunity it is. If you change smart, then youíll likely find yourself in a better situation.