Heres How To Get Your Book Written, Published And Listed For Sale On Amazon Without Writing A Single Word!



Book Publishing Services

Fill your cash funnel, become an instant expert, attract sizzling deals, gain credibility

Unleash That Book Inside You With This Amazing New and Easy Done For You Book Creation System:

The process of creating your custom book with our Premium Done-For-You book system begins with a 90-minute interviewand ends with:

  1. a book listing in the Amazon marketplace from which you can generate royalties from book sales
  2. a copy of the physical book delivered to your home or office, and the ability to order additional promotional copies at a wholesale rate of about $4.00 per book (plus shipping)
  3. a corresponding website that you can use to promote your book, yourself, and your existing business.

Sound simple? It isbut there are actually many steps involved in order to transform this raw interview recording into a beautiful custom book that you can use as a powerful promotional tool in your current business. In fact, behind the scenes our expert editorial staff will be working hard to transcribe, edit, format, design cover art, submit, and publish your custom manuscript to to get it listed on Amazon pronto! And our web designers will craft your unique Book Site in order to maximize exposure on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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