Why Your Local Business Needs To Have Website

Posted by Webmaster - May 25, 2011 - Blog - No Comments
Why Local businesses Need Websites

When your customers go online looking for the products or services that your business provides are they finding your business? It is a simple question, but a hard one for a lot of local businesses to answer.

The reality is that the way that people find local businesses has changed. In the past you could put an ad in the yellow pages and people come knocking on your door. Those days have passed. Today a potential customer is more likely to search in a search engine than they are to pickup the phone book.

So back to the original question, if someone performs a search in Google, Yahoo, or Bing, are they going to find your business? If the answer is no, then you have to get your business online. Without an online presence, potential customers are going to find your competitors, and not you.

Let’s say that you are a plumber in Chicago. Pull up your favorite web browser and go to your favorite search engine. Type in “Plumber Chicago” and press enter. Is your business listed in that first page of search results? If you answered no, then you are losing business right now.

Can you afford to lose the business?

Your business has to advertise where the customers are, and today that place is online. Your local business has to have a website that your customers can find. Go without it, and your losing business.

How much of an impact would one more customer per day have on your business? What about ten more customers a day? What about one hundred customers a day?

A website for your business does not have to be complex or expensive to setup, but you need a presence to provide the information that you use to list in the phone book. Start with the basics. Provide the basic overview of your business, where you are, and how to contact you.

Once your website is online you need to make sure that people can find it. Remember the goal with your website is to make sure that people can find your business online and use your business when someone is searching for your products and services.

If your business is important to you, then you have to get your local business online. You need a website so that people can find your business when they are looking online for what your business provides. Fail to do this, and your losing business.

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