Why Your Local Business Needs Social Media

Posted by Webmaster - July 15, 2011 - Blog - No Comments
Why You Need Social Media for Your Local Business

Social Media is everywhere today. It has crept into every inch of our daily lives. Turn on your television and you are as likely to see a Twitter hashtag on your favorite program as you are the station identifier. Social Media has taken over and it is not going anywhere anytime soon.

If you are a local business, social media is more important to your business than the big-box retailer down the street. Customer service is often what separates local businesses from their larger competitors.

If you want to provide great customer service, then Social Media is for your business. What your larger competitors don’t want you to know is that in the world of Social Media, you can out compete them.

Social Media is all about engaging your customers and prospects. It is about taking your business to them. Social Media allows you to interact with your customers in

With Social Media, you are in a position to help your customers with their issues. If a customer had a bad experience with your business, you can help them solve their problem. You can take an upset customer
and transform them into a happy customer.

If you have a customer says something nice about your business, you can thank them publicly and build trust with your other customers. This simple act that Social Media makes so easy, is an effective tool to help your business grow your positive reputation and provide social proof to future customers.

Who would you rather do business with? A company that has people publicly thanking them about the great service they are providing, or a company that people are fuming about online with no follow-up by the business in question.

Do you know what people are saying about your business right now online? If your answer is no, then you need to take the time this week to go hit the Social Media hot-spots, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and see what people are saying about your business. Then your business needs to take an active role in shaping what people are saying about your business.

Social Media is a very real and meaningful way to provide excellent customer service to your current and future customers. It is a tool that will allow your local business to create happy customers and grow your business’ bottom-line. Your local business can not afford to not use Social Media today.

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