Why Press Releases Still Work

Posted by Webmaster - October 28, 2013 - Blog - No Comments

Some people think that in this digital age, press releases are out of style. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Today, press releases are not only easier than ever to send out, they also include more information than ever. They can be sent out easily online and read online. Press releases are great for SEO, adding to the public record, and communicating new ideas and products to the masses.

Possibility of Free Media Coverage

Press releases are used by large companies because they offer the possibility of free media coverage. It’s no different for your small business. You should send out a press release for any new products or services, as well as anytime you’re hosting an event, promoting someone, or doing something that has a story involved. You never know when someone in the media will pick it up from the press release and make your business a featured story.

Still the Basic Way to Communicate with the Press

Press releases are the basic method for communicating and disseminating information to the media. The definition of media here is the local news, national news and local and national newspapers and magazines. So, if you really want to get the word about your product, service or event, the press release is still the way to go.

If your press release is newsworthy, and created in the right format and sent to the right people, it will be read. If you do press releases wrong, and without a real newsworthy story, it’ll be thrown out.

Improves Search Engine Optimization

Today, you can distribute press releases online too. By doing so you’ll improve your SEO because you’ll have a link back to your website from where the press release resides on the PR website. Anyone else who picks up the press release will link back to your website as well, because press releases must be used in whole. The more backlinks you get coming from relevant and high authority websites, the higher your search engine ranking will rise.

Press Releases Should Be Your First Thought

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to announce a new product or service, a promotion, a charity event, or other milestone within your company, the first place to market the happening is via a well-written and well thought-out press release. Composing the press release as your first marketing effort will help you narrow down and laser focus on the important factors and benefits of the newsworthy event for your target audience in a way that nothing else can.

One thing to consider when embarking on a press release strategy is to use a well-respected PR firm or an experienced press release writer to draft your press releases. If a press release is not written correctly and does not include the right data in the right form, it won’t be used.

Many online press releases can now include video, images, and other information that you couldn’t include before. Also, using the right people for the job will ensure that you don’t waste anyone’s time by sending the press release to the wrong people. When done right, press releases work magic.