Why Is Email and Social Media Integration Important?

Posted by Webmaster - November 30, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Have you integrated your social media marketing with your email marketing yet? Integrating these two seemingly separate technologies can work wonders for your marketing. It can help you build credibility faster, get more people to your product pages and make more sales.

Why is integration so effective?

==> Different People Have Different Communication Styles

Not everyone uses the internet in the same way.

For example, younger people often use social networks a lot more than they use emails. They communicate with friends on Facebook Messaging far more often than they send emails.

Getting their email address is not only difficult, but unproductive. They probably aren’t going to pay attention. But if you get your message in their news feed, they’ll read just about everything you write for as long as they’re following you.

Other audiences might spend next to no time on social media. For example, most executives spend a lot more time on email than social media.

Integrating the two mediums will let you reach everyone in your audience, not just a small subset.

==> Increase Your Presence

When you’re showing up in multiple places, this naturally increases your presence in your audience’s eyes. If your audience sees your message on their Twitter feed as well as their inbox, you’re going to have much stronger brand equity with them than if you just had one or the other.

Better yet, it doesn’t seem like you’re spamming, because psychologically people see different mediums as completely separate. You get a lot more contact with your audience, without annoying them.

==> Create More Momentum for Important Events

For one-time events like contests, product launches or in-person gatherings, being on multiple media can help you generate a lot more momentum.

Instead of just getting an email from you, you might start letting people know what’s going on a couple months ahead of time via Twitter. Then a month beforehand, you create a Facebook event. You send an email. You send updates via Twitter, Facebook and email.

The social proof from other people participating on Twitter and Facebook further compounds the momentum you create. It’s a much more powerful way to launch an event than just using one medium.

==> Boost Email Sign-Ups and Follows

Your email list can be used to boost your social media audience. Likewise, your social media audience can be used to boost your email list.

Some people simply won’t sign up for an email list at first, while others simply won’t like a page without knowing who you are. Following up with their preferred medium over time helps boost your entire marketing channel.

==> More Than the Sum of Its Parts

Using email marketing and social media together is more powerful than just the combined reach. There’s an exponential effect. People actually see you and relate to you in a completely different way.