Using WordPress for Affiliate Marketing

Posted by Webmaster - January 25, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to break into internet marketing. You can potentially make a living by promoting the products of another company. But you need an online presence. That is where WordPress comes in.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a platform used to set up blogs and websites. If you know nothing about websites and their set-up, it can be daunting to have to do so. WordPress takes the guesswork out of the process for you so you can get up and running in very little time.

Now, be aware that there are two WordPress sites: and is popular with many bloggers. It is a ready-made site that can be set up right away. The only issue here is that it is not as customizable as you might like for an affiliate site. And, monetizing it may be difficult.

Setting Up an Affiliate Site

For an affiliate marketing program, you will want to go with Some are scared of this because it is open source. That means you will need to have a domain name and a web hosting company secured before using it. Ask your web host if they are familiar with and could help you integrate it into your site.

So, as we just alluded to, the next step is downloading the open source software through your web host. If you are technically savvy, you can do it yourself although it takes time. But, for a fee, your web host can do it for you without much trouble.

Now you are ready to explore. WordPress offers a lot both for the new and the experienced affiliate marketer. One benefit is its customization. You have a variety of themes to choose from for the look of your site. Changing them is no problem and can be done across all pages easily.

Add new pages in an instant. If you are promoting several types of products, keep them separated for effortless browsing by visitors.

Did we mention that WordPress is free? Yes all of the benefits of the software are free to use. And, it features plug-ins that can help you not only secure your site but also make it easier for you to manage. This is a plus if you are running several affiliate marketing sites.

Also, Google seems to like WordPress platforms a lot. This is good for you since you want their bots to crawl your affiliate sites for better page rankings and increased traffic. More traffic means more potential sales.

But, WordPress doesn