Using Microservice Sites for Design and Media

Posted by Webmaster - October 24, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Microservice sites make it easy for website owners and web marketers to get design work, video work and other media work done at unprecedentedly low prices. Using Fiverr, you can have a logo done for $5, three draft logos done, have voiceovers done or have special effects done. It’s one of the most incredible money-saving opportunities on the web.

==> Using It for Design

The best way to use a service like Fiverr is to hire not one but a handful of designers. For example, by spending just $25, you can get five different logo designs for your new website. Simply pick the best one. Designers on other websites would easily charge several hundred dollars for just one logo.

You can also use microservice sites for other design gigs. For example, you can have them design a header for you. You can have them color correct a photograph for you. You can have them create the buttons for your website.

==> Using It for Voiceovers

Let’s say you want to create a web video. You know exactly what points you want your video to touch on. However, you don’t think you have the greatest voice for web video. Instead of forcing yourself to do it, you can just go on Fiverr and have someone do your voiceovers for you.

Most people who do voiceovers will have a sample YouTube track uploaded. Check out a few different voiceover providers and listen to their samples to figure out if their voice is what you’re looking for. Then go with the one that resonated with you.

==> Video Special Effects

Another area you can use microservice sites in is special effects. If you were looking to hire someone to do special effects, on other sites you can easily expect to pay hundreds or thousands. On these sites, expect to pay $5 to $10.

Special effects on microservice sites tend to be limited to one effect per provider. For example, one provider might provide 3D exploding text. Another provider might help you create a flashy intro scene. So on and so forth. You can’t tell them exactly what kind of effect you want, but you do get to choose from a wide array of different special effects.

==> Custom Drawings

A lot of artists are willing to create brand new artwork for you from scratch for pennies on the dollar. Want your concept mascot brought to life? Or perhaps you want a stick figure doing various kinds of martial arts? Maybe you want a cartoon version of yourself? It’s all available for $5 to $10 dollars.

Microservice sites are fantastic for design and media. Use these sites to help improve the design of your site, without having to break the bank.