Using Freebies to Collect Email Signups

Posted by Webmaster - August 26, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

One of the most common uses of freebies online is as a hook for free email signups. Basically, you create a freebie that has high perceived value. You then let people know you’ll give the freebie away, but in order to gain access to it they have to put in their email address.

Having a strong freebie can as much as double your email signups. If you’re looking to build an email newsletter, it’s one of the absolute most powerful tools you could have in your arsenal.

What are some of the freebies you could give away?

==> Special Reports and EBooks

Pick a topic and write a special report or eBook around that topic. For example, if you run a website around gold investing, your special report could be:

* 7 Common Mistakes Gold Investors Make
* Signals That Gold Is Going Up or Down
* The 3 Safest Ways to Purchase Gold

Try to identify the most important questions people have on their minds and answer it in a special report.

==> Audio Downloads

One of the problems with eBook and reports is that they have a relatively low perceived value. They also take more effort to consume. Generally, people prefer to listen rather than to read.

That’s why giving away an audio download can work so well. Here are some of the different kinds of audio downloads you can give away:

* Audio of you talking about a topic
* An interview with someone else in your industry
* A sample of an existing product
* A recording of a seminar, conference call or live event

The most important thing is that people listening to this audio get massive value from listening.

==> Video Giveaways

Video giveaways are the cr