The Art of the Free Consultation

Posted by Webmaster - August 17, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

One of the best freebies you could offer is a free consultation. Free consultation offers work great if you ultimately have a high end item to sell. For example, if your primary product is a $2,000 service or a $500 a month subscription, a free consultation can work very well.

A free consultation allows you to build a one on one connection with the person on the other end of the phone. It allows you to prove that you really know what you’re saying before asking them to sign up. It allows you to deliver value first, before selling.

Here’s how to use a free consultation giveaway to really boost your business.

==> Making the Offer (the Right Way)

Your free consultation call cannot seem like a sales call. Instead, it has to seem like they got really lucky by getting the free call.

Let the caller know what your time is normally valued at (e.g. $250 value). Tell them what kinds of problems you can help solve on the call. If possible, come up with a valid “reason why” you’re giving away a valuable call.

==> Pre-Plan Your Call

You don’t want to “just wing it” with these calls. One of the most important things people want to sense in both a coach and a sales person is the ability to lead. You should know where you want to take the listener every step of the process.

Write out a rough outline of how you want the call to go. Of course you can go with the flow once you’re actually on the call, but it really helps to have something pre-planned before hopping on.

==> Deliver Value First

Your call shouldn’t be about pressuring people to buy. The moment people get a whiff of sales pressure, they’re gone.

Instead, first try to demonstrate that you really know what you’re talking about through delivering value.

Solve one of their problems or give a unique perspective. If you have a 45 minute call, spend the first 30 minutes delivering value.

==> Question Based Selling

Finally, sell. Selling your products and services shouldn’t be done from a “buy me” perspective.

Instead, use questions to discover what the pain points really are. For instance, if you’re offering a business consultation product, ask questions about their current business processes and problems.

Ask enough questions to get a crystal clear sense of what the problems are and what their pain points are. Then let them know what you can offer and ask if they see a match between what you offer and what their problems are.

The goal is to find a natural fit between your product and their needs, without having to use pressure.

That’s how you can use a free consultation to boost sales. A free consultation is a fantastic way to bring in new customers, provided you have an expensive enough service to make it worth the effort.