New Year – New You: How to Stay Motivated and Focused as WAHM

Posted by Webmaster - January 13, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

The new year is a great time for work at home moms (WAHM) to reaffirm their goals and boost their motivation. It’s a great time to review the last year and to plan for the new year.

In fact, the new year can be the perfect time to reinvent yourself, your schedule and your business’s systems. It’s the perfect time to start anew.

Here’s how to stay motivated and focused as a work at home mom this new year’s.

==> Review the Past Year: Passion & Results

There are two things about the past year that need reviewing.

First of all, take a look at your results. Did you meet the goals you set for yourself over the last year?

How much did you earn? How are the other metrics in your business doing – things like traffic, number of paying clients, number of subscribers and so on.

Celebrate the successes and look for lessons in the places where you fell short.

The other area to review is your own personal passions. Over the last year, chances are you’ve experimented with a number of different things in your online business.

What did you find you particularly enjoyed? Were there things you did that you didn’t particularly enjoy? What would increase your quality of life if you did it all the time; and what would you rather not have to do this new year?

Business isn’t just about profit; it’s about doing what you love as well.

==> Starting the New Year with a Burst of Motivation

Start this new year by writing out a number of goals that are both exciting and within reach. Make it a stretch, but make it also a reasonable goal.

Write out most of your goals in a tangible, measurable manner. For example, you want to be earning X dollars a month by the end of the year or you want to have Y amount of traffic.

However, you’ll also want to have a few goals that aren’t metrics-based. For example, you might want to get healthier and more energetic by doing yoga and changing your diet. You might want to spend more time with your kids.

Once you’ve written all your goals down, put your paper down and take a moment to visualize yourself one year from now. Imagine this person having achieved all their goals. Feel what it’s like to be that person. Step into that person.

Take that feeling and bring it back to today. Are you ready to create that life for yourself? If so, reaffirm to yourself that you’re going to hit all the goals you laid out for the year. Use this motivation to move forward as your launching pad into the new year.