Making Money Blog Flipping

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If you’re after lump sums of cash rather than cashflow, blog flipping is a great way to do it. Flipping blogs is very much like flipping real estate properties.

In real estate, when you “flip” a property, what you do is buy a run-down home or complex, fix it up, market it properly and sell it for higher than you paid for it.

Online, flipping refers to the same practice of buying undervalued websites, improving them and reselling them.

Because websites are often sold for multiples of 18 to 36 months of its earnings, a $100 increase in monthly cashflow is worth $1,800 to $3,600 when it’s sold.

Essentially, you take advantage of the multiplier effect to earn quick cash.

Here’s how to make money flipping blogs.

==> Buying Blogs with Development Potential

Digital Point and Flippa are the two main places to look for blogs to purchase online.

Digital Point is an internet forum with a marketplace section where people can buy and sell websites.

Flippa is a website auction marketplace, where you bid to purchase other websites. It works much like eBay, where you’re bidding against a number of other people who also want to buy the blog.

Get familiar with both sites so you have a large base of potential blogs to choose from.

==> Improving the Blog

There are two main ways you need to improve a blog from a flipping perspective: monetization and traffic.

The more traffic you have and the better you’re monetized, the better your chances of fetching a good price.

You’ll need to look over the SEO factors of the blog and improve it anywhere that it’s weak. Work on the site’s backlinks, as well as its content.

Experiment with different ways to monetize the blog. Test out affiliate products, AdSense, direct ad sales and any other monetization methods you can think of. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, consider even creating a product for the site.

==> Selling the Blog for a Profit

There are a few ways you can sell the blog for a profit.

The easiest way is to go back to Flippa or Digital Point and sell the blog on one of those websites. Selling on these established platforms is both safe and easy. It’s also relatively secure, especially if you use escrow.

However, if you really want to fetch top dollar for the blog, you might want to consider going direct instead.

Contact people in the blog’s industry who might be interested in acquiring the blog. Contact both other bloggers and people who are advertising on the blog. You’ll often be able to get a higher multiple in a direct sale than in an auction sale.

If your blog makes over $2,500 a month, you might also consider hiring a web business broker to help you find direct buyers.

Flipping blogs is one of the best ways to generate cash online, because monthly improvements in income can be instantly multiplied by 18 to 36 times. This is a summary of the process for flipping blogs online.