How to Talk So Your Customers Feel That You Understand Them

Posted by Webmaster - April 13, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Have you ever seen a video, read a sales letter or seen a public speaker and thought to yourself: “That guy understands my problems?” Conversely, have you ever seen a video, person or website and thought to yourself: “This guy just doesn’t get it.”

Writing your website and your sales letters in a way that makes people feel as if you understand them is a skill in and of itself.

When people feel that you understand them, they’re much more likely to listen. They’re much more likely to buy. They’re much more likely to become fans of your business. In fact, they’ll even get more value out of your product – because they’ll feel as if you designed it while knowing the ins and outs of their problems.

So how do you create this sense of understanding?

==> Share Your Story

Share your own story. Why did you get into this industry? What problems were you facing in your own life? What did that feel like? What were your greatest frustrations?

Share how you solved your own problems. Share how you packaged those solutions into a business and offered it to the world.

People want to understand why you’re standing in front of them presenting a solution. If they understand that you’re part of the same community, that you really understand their problems, they’re going to feel a lot more understood by you.

==> Use Their Language

What language does the industry use? In every market or industry, there are special words, phrases, expressions and jargon that people use to express themselves. Learn these words and use them in your language as well.

In the internet marketing industry, these words might include things like “conversion rate,” “split testing,” “SEO” and “stats.” In the wine industry, it might include different textures, dryness and sweetness, different aftertastes and so on.

Learn how people talk in an industry and talk like them.

==> Accurately Describe Their Problem

If you can accurately describe someone’s problem to them, that alone is often enough to have them feel understood.

Let’s say you have an informational product that’s geared towards helping men dress better. In order for men to feel that you understand them, you need to be able to accurately describe why they’d want such a product.

Describe what it’s like to not know how to dress for a date. Describe how it hurts the self-esteem to walk through the world knowing you aren’t putting on your best appearance. Talk about how the professional world treats men who don’t look sharp. So on and so forth.

If you can accurately describe the factual and emotional experience of having the problem they’re having, they’ll instantly feel understood by you.

These tips will help you talk so your customers feel understood. Practice these three principles and watch your customer retention, customer loyalty and overall sales soar.