How to Start a Tweet Up Group for WAHMs

Posted by Webmaster - March 8, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Want to get together with other moms who work from home? There is a way that you can do it by using Twitter. Learn how to set up your own tweet up group.

Networking is important for business. The more people you know, the more contacts you have who can help you and you can be a help to. Think of it this way: each person you know knows someone else who also knows someone else. It is how word gets out about your business.

Through networking you can form profitable friendships and business partnerships. Even many years down the road, an affiliation that you made could prove useful.

This is where social networking comes into play. Through sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter you meet new people who have the same business interests as you do. You form associations that are as strong as any face-to-face friendship.

But, did you know that you could use them to actually meet the people you only ever see online? That is the idea behind a tweet up. It sounds like something that birds do, but it is meant for people.

What Is a Tweet Up?

The idea behind it all is to meet people who have common interests through Twitter. You can set up a tweet up with a certain goal in mind such as business networking, social networking or even a brainstorming session.

With the idea of WAHMs in mind, you can network with other moms who are entrepreneurs in your local area. When you set it up, here are a few tips.

You will be the host for the event if you begin the tweet up group. It doesn