How to Make Money Writing for HubPages

Posted by Webmaster - March 7, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

If you enjoy writing and want to earn a living doing it, HubPages is one of the best ways to do so. You’ll have complete creative control over what you write about and when you write. You’ll be your own boss.

Here’s how to earn money writing for HubPages.

==> Pick a Topic You’re Passionate About

It’s very, very difficult to write about something you don’t love on HubPages. Why? Because people can tell.

HubPages is an extremely crowded website. There are thousands of pages of content competing for people’s attention.

In order for your content to stand out, you need to write in a way that captures people. People should be able to tell within ten seconds of reading what you write that you know what you’re talking about and that you care about the topic.

So start with a topic that you’re passionate about. A good gauge is to pick a topic that you feel you can answer any question about and talk about for at least two hours straight.

==> Create a Network of Keyword-Targeted Pages

Your goal should be to create a network of hubs around one specific topic and which all link to one another. Each hub covers a question or sub-section of the larger topic. This way, all your hubs can promote one another and fans who follow you will get the benefit of many different pages of content.

Each individual hub should be carefully optimized for search engines. Pick one or two keywords per article that you want to target and sprinkle them throughout the article. Make sure the keyword is in the title and is mentioned at least once in a subhead.

==> Making Money from the Traffic

Once you’ve begun building a network of high quality hub articles, consider your options for monetizing the traffic.

There are a few different ways you can do this.

You can use Google AdSense. This puts Google’s ads on your site. You get paid every time someone clicks on an ad.

You can use Amazon or eBay’s affiliate programs. These programs pay every time someone buys on one of their sites. EBay actually pays just for the sign-up as well.

You can promote affiliate products. These products can be physical or digital and exist in just about every field on the planet. You get paid every time someone makes a purchase.

Finally, you can send them to your own website where you sell your own product. You might want to consider this option if your HubPages get to the point where they’re getting significant traffic.

Making money from HubPages is relatively simple. Write a lot of extremely high quality content, then couple that with a monetization strategy that works.