How to Increase Your PLR Sales in Easy Steps

Posted by Webmaster - January 11, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Selling PLR packages can be an incredibly lucrative way to make money. However, it can be quite difficult to get the traffic, especially in the beginning. If you can establish a stable base of PLR buyers, you’ll have a very nice stream of income. Getting there is the real trick.

Here are a few key steps to increasing your PLR sales.

==> Create Scarcity

Scarcity is one of the most important aspects of selling PLR packages – much more so than marketing any other products.

People who buy PLR packages tend to be quite skittish about how many other people are out there with the same content. The more other webmasters who have the same content, the higher the risk of their content being seen as a duplicate.

The best way to create scarcity and alleviate this fear is to limit the amount of packages you sell. Generally under 200 is a good number, though some PLR sellers choose to sell under 50 packages.

==> Forums: The Fastest Way to Jump-Start Your Sales Funnel

There are many ways you can bring in customers. Some take longer than others. But if you want to get customers right away to kick-start your business, there’s no better place to look than forums where webmasters hang out.

These forums include the Warrior Forum, DigitalPoint, WickedFire and more.

Webmasters on these forums are often actively looking for new content. Though there’s a lot of competition for PLR products, if you can differentiate yourself somehow, there’s definitely a very active market.

==> Create a Search Engine Optimized Website

In the long run, it’s a much better idea to create an independent funnel of traffic. Though competing on the forums is a valid strategy, getting your PLR packages ranked in the search engines is a much more lucrative long-term strategy.

Start by picking out very specific keywords. Don’t try to target terms like “PLR articles” or “PLR packages.” Instead, try to pick just a handful of niches that have weak search engine competition to target.

Getting ranked in the search engines can take a good 3 to 6 months. However, once you’ve got the rankings, the traffic will just flow in on its own without much further work.

==> Experiment with Different Sales Funnels

There are many ways to sell PLR packages. You can sell them one-off, you can sell them in packages and you can sell them in monthly memberships.

The latter is definitely the most lucrative, but can also be the most difficult to sell. If you’re just starting out, you might have an easier time getting the initial sales by just selling single packages.

If your content’s quality is high, you might then be able to convert your single package buyers into monthly clients. Having a good sales funnel can really help build your client base in the initial months and weeks.

These are a few easy things you can do to start getting your PLR sales right away. When you’re selling PLR products, it makes sense to try to use a mix of both long-term and short-term strategies.