How to Come Up With Topics

Posted by Webmaster - April 12, 2015 - Blog - No Comments

One of the hardest parts about video blogging is coming up with topics appropriate for video. But, it’s likely you already have plenty of good topics; you just haven’t thought about it properly yet. Coming up with video topics really isn’t much different from coming up with text blogging topics.

* Know Your Audience – Everything starts with your audience because without them you have no business and no blog. Think about them first in everything you do. Will they want to know this information? Do they need to know what you want to tell them? If you can identify problems for your audience, these can be topics for future vlogs.

* Know Your Niche – Aside from being able to help your audience, you need a wide variety of knowledge about your niche. Read about your industry every day, take notes, and figure out how you can give the information to your audience in a new and interesting way.

* Understand Your Products or Services – Only you, the creator of your products and services, can know the true value of your products and services. Be able to explain your solutions inside and out and always mention them when relevant in your vlogs.

* Brainstorm – Take some time each day to brainstorm topics. Write everything down without any thought. Simply taking five minutes to write down whatever comes to mind, another fifteen or twenty to flesh them out, and perhaps thirty more minutes to organize them and match them with products and services is all you need.

* Create a Content Calendar – Using the information you gain from above, create a content calendar to ensure that your vlogs match your product promotions as well as sales you have scheduled.

* Start with the Minutia – If you’re still stuck, you can always start from the beginning. What are the first things your audience needs to know about your niche? What are the very small topics that you can answer such as definitions, terms, and jargon?

* Repurpose Old Blog Posts – If you already have blog posts, go through them and consider turning them into video blogs. Keep the original on your blog, and make a new post with a vlog instead of text.

* Answer Questions via Video – When you are reading social media, look for questions that your audience has that need answers. Answer on the social media network, but also make a vlog about it and answer it that way too.

You can have a never-ending list of ideas and topics for videos so that you’ll be able to put out regular videos that are on topic and directed toward your audience. It just takes a little brainstorming and planning and you can be very productive and successful with video blogging.