Five Core Emotions to Target for Maximum Motivation

Posted by Webmaster - April 8, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Motivation doesn’t happen through logic, but through emotion. If you want to motivate your customers, you need to know exactly which core emotions to target to get your customers fired up.

These are five core emotions to target for maximum motivation. Not all five apply to every business, but most of them will apply in one form or another.

==> Emotion #1: Curiosity

This first emotion is crucial when your brand, product or service is being introduced to someone for the very first time.

If your main proposition doesn’t get them curious, then you’re done before you’ve even started.

The first step to motivation is curiosity. Catch their attention first, before anything else.

==> Emotion #2: Pain and Anger

There are two emotions that cause people to take action: the pain of how things are and the desire for things to be a certain way in the future.

Intense pain is often more powerful than desire. People might want to make more money for years without taking any action to make it real. However, someone who’s at risk of missing a rent payment is probably going to take massive action to prevent that from happening.

When you’re trying to motivate someone, start from the pain point. Why do they want to change? What’s not working about the way things are?

==> Emotion #3: Hope

Hope is an incredibly powerful emotion. It’s the reason people buy just about any product.

People buy a product because they believe that life has the potential to change. They have hope that their life can be better. They believe that your product can help get them there.

When you’re selling a product, build up people’s hopes for the future. Paint pictures for them about how their lives could be. Show pictures and videos from people who live the lives they want to live.

==> Emotion #4: Urgency

The greatest motivational speakers are people who have a strong, solid call to action. They get people to feel the urgency of the moment and act right away to take action.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re Martin Luther King Jr. or a corporate salesperson, or anything in between. Your message must start with a cause or problem that you want to solve and the solution must be solved with haste. That pinch of urgency is crucial.

Urgency gets people to act. Urgency gets people to call their friends. Urgency creates motivation.

==> Emotion #5: Appeal to a Higher Purpose

Finally, appeal to a higher purpose or vision.

This vision could be something as big as saving the world. Help the world by signing up to your cause.

It could also be the higher purpose or vision of a specific person. Instead of just making money to get rich, call on your audience to become wealthy so they can do what they were meant to do in the world.

Altruism and long-term visions are inherently motivating. If you can tie them into your vision, you’ll be able to greatly increase the motivational power of your message.