Designing a High Converting JV Campaign

Posted by Webmaster - September 18, 2012 - Blog - No Comments

Creating a high converting JV campaign involves designing and integrating many different parts that all fit together into one cohesive whole. If you want your JV campaigns to convert well, you can’t just use stock emails and landing pages for all your campaigns. Different lists have different needs. You need to do some customization for each JV partner.

Here’s how to design a high converting JV campaign.

==> The Initial Email

Some JV partners will want to write their own emails. The vast majority, however, will want you to just write it for them. It’ll be sent under their name, so you need to write it in their voice.

Read some of their past emails, get a sense for how they write and then write a compelling email that gets people excited about clicking on your JV link.

Even if they’re writing the email for you, ask to look over it. Make tweaks to make it more compelling.

==> A Custom Landing Page

Your landing page should always be custom built, even if it’s just to change a couple things.

First, your picture and your JV partner’s picture should both be at the top of the page. The page should be “brought to you by” the both of you. This helps use your partner’s existing credibility with their list to grab attention.

Then use video or text to convince people to opt in to your list. It’s fine to reuse most of this part of the page, though if there are special needs that their audience has, do try to address it.

==> Send Them to Your Sales Page

Your sales page can be primarily the same contest as your normal sales page. However, there are a few things you should change.

First, get a testimonial from your JV partner. Put his or her picture on your custom sales page, along with the testimonial.

Then, again, customize your sales page to address any niche or list specific concerns.

==> Following Up

You should write a custom series of email follow-ups for your JVs. These follow-up emails should be different than your autoresponder series. You can of course feed your JV email list into your primary autoresponder series after they run through your JV autoresponder series.

Use the JV autoresponder series to reiterate your relationship with your partner, hammer home the benefits, get people excited and send them back to your sales page.

For joint ventures with small lists, it’s okay to use stock materials. However, if the list is even just several thousand people, it absolutely makes sense to redo the images, benefits, emails, landing pages and sales letters to have your message hit home. This will help drastically improve your conversion rates, as well as customer and sign-up retention rates.