Credibility: The Crux of Your Motivational Message

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Credibility is the crux of any motivational message. Without credibility, the best content in the world will simply get passed over. On the other hand, even an uninspiring speech by a highly credible person will be met with rapt attention and motivation.

For example, if an Olympic athlete was giving advice about how to lose weight, people would probably listen – even if the advice itself was hard to follow. On the other hand, if a homeless guy gave great advice, chances are still nobody would listen.

What’s the difference? Credibility. The athlete has credibility, while the homeless guy doesn’t. Credibility gets people to listen to you. Credibility helps create emotions. Credibility helps create motivation.

==> Build Credibility In …

There are three things you need to build credibility in.

First, you need to build credibility in you, the person speaking, presenting or writing. This helps earn you people’s attention.

Second, you need credibility in your company. Is your company a reputable firm? How long have you been in business? Do you have a recognizable logo? Do you have professional design?

Finally, you need to build credibility in your product. Even if you have a great brand and people trust you, that doesn’t necessarily mean they trust your product.

When Coca Cola rolled out New Coke, it became quickly apparent that although they had a very strong brand, people simply didn’t want a product change. New Coke had zero credibility and quickly had to be phased out.

==> How to Build Credibility

There are many different ways you can build credibility in your product. Here are some of the most prevalent ones.

* A demonstration – One of the most powerful ways to build credibility is to show people your product in action.

For example, the “Will It Blend” videos were essentially highly entertaining videos demonstrating the Blendtec blender. Blending the iPhone, marbles, lighters and other materials made the videos go viral quickly, which launched a multi-million dollar brand.

* Photo proof – If you’re promoting a wealth product, take a picture with you and your Ferrari. If you’re promoting a health product, use before and after photos.

Use photos to show the results of your product. Photos are much more real than just claims in words.

* Testimonials – Don’t say it yourself. Instead, let other people say it for you. That’s much more effective, as others don’t have an incentive to promote your products. The more testimonials the better. Try to also get testimonials from authoritative sources.

* Word of Mouth – If a friend hears about you or your product through a friend, that carries massive credibility. How do you generate word of mouth? By consistently putting out high quality products and content.

Before you make run with your message, you need to have a rock solid foundation of credibility.