Creating and Using Infographics and Charts

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Pinterest has become the newest trend in business branding. You can use striking visuals to help gain a following on your boards and then link back to your website. Here is how to create and use infographics to help with business.

What Are Infographics?

Think of charts. Businesses use them all the time to convey all sorts of information: statistics, trends, percentages and the like. There are line graphs, pie charts, bar graphs and candlestick charts. Each offers a different way to break down information so that it is easy to understand. In business, what you want for your customers is to be able to understand what you do and who you are without a bunch of fuss.

These graphics do away with the technical terms and cut right to the chase. On a site like Pinterest, charts are great visuals for sharing information about your business.

How to Use Infographics and Charts

It is not too hard to create a chart as long as you have the necessary information. Depending on that information, you can choose which visual representation would work the best for your audience. Pie charts are great because they use lots of color and you can readily decipher them. Always describe your chart or graphic in the description for each pin on your pin board.

Here are some ideas of when to use them.

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